An Eco's Story 🐐

Once upon a time, there was a white little goat named Eco.🐐 She used to love jumping around on the grass and chewing leaves.
But Eco was not a happy goat.
The land she lived in was haunted by the most terrible being on Earth: Plastic.👿
It invaded the whole earth's surface, and year after year its quantity was increasing, destroying every plant and killing every animal.
So, one day, Eco decided to go on a journey. She jumped all around the world, looking for a solution to beat plastic spread in cities, lands and beaches. She fought against it and she won!🏆
Eco taught the other goats how to fight plastic: embracing natural and sustainable materials, such as bamboo and glass.
Eco's battle against plastic is still taking place, but she will need our help, the one of humans, to win the war.💪🏼


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