The Future of Business Cards

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The Future Of Business Cards
We know business cards to be paper cards given around to make people know about your company/business. But not all of us know about their impact on the environment.
Maybe you are wondering “How can a teeny-tiny card have any impact on the environment?”.
The answer comes if you think about the number of business cards printed each year by a company.
Business cards are produced by processed wood and the paper of a single tree is enough to make 20,000 business cards. But imagine that when each company in the world produces these many business cards every year, about 7.2 million trees would be wasted for these teeny-tiny pieces of
And also keep in mind that the 88% of business cards are thrown away in one week!
But fear not my friends! There are currently many ways to avoid this waste, advertise your company and keep saving trees.
The Blue Smart Card is a digital business card that transfers your company information through contactless NFC. You can simply tap the card on someone else’s device and your networking details can be saved directly to their contacts.
This is just an example of how technology can help us to save the planet. Some people believe that humans and technology are a cancer for this world, we must prove them wrong and use this new resources now accessible to us to be more productive and protective for the environment.
Andrea 🧞‍♀️ 

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