The Magic behind Bamboo 🎋

8 billion of plastic straws are used in the UK every year, and it takes 200 years for them to break up. 

100,000 marine animals die every year from ingesting plastic and the experts predict that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. 🐟

That’s why at EcoGo4t, in partnership with Jungle Straw, we offer a range of reusable products made from Bamboo.🎋

Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. It grows in many parts of the world, from Asia to America,except from Europe.  🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Bamboo is a sustainable alternative to plastic, as it’s a natural composite and a very strong material, so strong that’s also used for building structures! 🏘️

Humans are using bamboo for various purposes from the ancient times, when civilizations where using it for buildings (long before they were using other materials). This practice has disappeared over the centuries, but is now coming back, becoming a popular resource. Bamboo has been made into numerous products over the years.

From raw products like bamboo charcoal, to finished pieces like furniture and instruments.

Bamboo, in Chines believes, is a symbol of Integrity, for Indians it’s a symbol of friendship.🤝
And also, several Asian cultures believe humanity emerged from a bamboo stem. Isn’t that poetic? 🙌

                                    The Perks of being a Bamboo

Bamboo fibers are naturally anti-bacterial, thanks to a substance called ‘bamboo kun’, an antimicrobial bio-agent. 🛑🦠

So, when harvesting bamboo, pesticides and chemicals are not necessaries, meaning that the cultivation is natural and doesn’t harm the environment.

Bamboo has an amazing strength and lifespan, remaining light and easy to carry around and it is a plant that stores carbon: it absorbs double amount of carbon dioxide than trees, and it generates a big amount of oxygen, 30% more than most plants.

Bamboo forests save and protect the species living in that forest, by providing both homes and food. As you may already know, Bamboo is the main food of the giant panda, making up 99% of its diet!

Bamboo straws and cutlery are a simple solution to the single-use plastic waste crisis.


                                               JUNGLE CULTURE

Our partnership with Jungle Straws, gives us the opportunity to make a change, by selling high quality bamboo products, that are a simple solution to single-use plastic small wares. 

Jungle Straws  - - is a socially responsible company who creates and sells bamboo straws and eco-friendly products. They support, educate, and inspire individuals and businesses of all kinds to switch to reusable and sustainable alternatives to plastic.♻️

Jungle Culture is the brand behind Jungle Straws  - -, that works with small farms and local artisans who share their same values in sustainable production. They believe in fair and honest manufacturing and care about empowering local communities whom they work with.🦍

We are so proud to work with this company, member of the 1% for the Planet global organisation & movement and the 1% of sales of their products goes to the preservation & restoration of the natural environment. And remember: for each product you purchase, we will plant a tree🌲 


Let's make this change together! 💚

Will you be part of the Green Revolution?  💚                                                                                                                                                                     Andrea🧞‍♀️

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