Coconut Bristles Massage Brush

Coconut Bristles Massage Brush

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Croll & Denecke Massage Brush with coconut bristles

The perfect dream team with a natural massage!

During the daily beauty ritual in the bathroom, not only are the right cosmetic products important, but also selected care product. The best way to take care of and vitalise the skin deep down is to use a high-quality bath brush. Additionally being a great alternative to body brushes with artificial bristles.

  • Only natural materials
  • A fully sustainable product
  • Vegan friendly
  • 100% Coconut bristles
  • Bamboo wooden handle
  • Natural exfoliation



High-quality massage products of natural and renewable materials such as sisal, flax, linen, wood and cotton ensure a deep cleanse and joyous relaxation. No matter whether you use massage brushes, sponges, gloves or belts, relaxation is guaranteed with exquisite massage products from nature.

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