Croll & Denecke

The sea has always fascinated people. Out of its unfathomable depths come things that amaze us and make us pause and reflect. But also the small, initially rather inconspicuous things given to us by the sea can be genuine good luck charms.

Natural sponges, the products with which everything started back in 1897 and which still represent the focus of the Croll & Denecke family enterprise, are a sustainable wonder of nature. Through careful manual treatment and preparation, the sponges are processed into a special and indulgent wellness accessoire. Thanks to their rapid growth, natural sponges are a prime example of sustainability and, like all products from Croll & Denecke, combine something very special with their simplicity: unspoiled luxury from nature that pampers body and mind.

The company’s success is boosted by the untiring passion of its managing directors and staff for high-quality wellness products. Right from the beginning, the paramount goal of Croll & Denecke was sustainability – in both the manufacture and development of its products as well as in staff management.