The Green Boutique

Household products are very harmful, both to the environment and to our health.
 We learned that everyday household cleaners (not just bleach) have a toxic effect on our bodies and contribute to respiratory problems, skin irritation, nervous- system damage and other health issues. And the sources of toxicity are common: for example, the average person on a typical day wears 515 Chemicals, many of them for purely cosmetic reasons; then, more broadly, there are harmful substances that we breathe, or continually eat and use for cleaning our home.

The Green Boutique different approach was to start an household and cosmetics DIY based on natural, toxic-free and biodegradable ingredients. 

That's why we had the idea to create "The Green Kit" and the "Essential Household Guide".It's definitely the easiest and quickest way to start making your household cleaning products. It's actually easier than cooking, and it will reduce your footprint to a minimal waste level and improve your family health significantly."