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Bamboo Toothbrush

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As nature intented  – natural bamboo toothbrush with plant based castor oil bristles

  • Hydrophil bamboo toothbrush (natural)
  • sustainable toothbrush for adults and therefore eco friendly
  • bristles strength: medium
  • bristles are made from plant-based castor oil and are petroleum free
  • the toothbrush handle is made from biodegradable bamboo and is therefore compostable
  • eco friendly
  • 100% vegan and cruelty free
  • BPA free
  • toxin free
  • weight is only 17 g and therefore lightweight
  • susbtitutes plastic tooth brushes that harm the environment

Hydrophil bamboo toothbrush with a neutral carbon footprint

In fact, the Hydrophil bamboo toothbrushes have a neutral carbon footprint. Because Hydrophil aims to be the pioneer in producing carbon neutral household products. Therefore, they offset the CO2 emission from the production process. As a result support a drinking project in Odisha. Furthermore to read the supported project please follow this link Climate Partner.

Ecological Natural dyes

Auro, Hydrophil’s dye manufacturer is producing the natural dye for the toothbrush handles. Auro paints are solvent-free, biodegradable and eco friendly. Additionally, the dyes are saliva-resistant, suitable for toys. Most importantly, they are harmless to humans and the environment.

Bamboo toothbrush handle: moso bamboo

Hydrophil uses moso bamboo for their handle of the bamboo toothbrushes. Because this giant variety of bamboo grows up to 20 metres in just two years. This is in ideal conditions. Most importantly, all without any artificial irrigation, fertilisers or the use of pesticides.

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